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The Touran is made for roof-tent camping. The design and size of VW's compact van lies somewhere between the Caddy and Sharan, making it just as suitable for everyday city life as it is for extended excursions and road trips. At VICKYWOOD you will find compatible VW Touran roof tents. Your van will be enriched by a unique sleeping place for up to two people, without losing storage space or seats. In our online store you can order your VW Touran roof tent from VICKYWOOD conveniently to your home. Quickly assembled, you can then immediately start your next camping adventure.

VICKYWOOD VW Touran roof tents

From the roof of your Touran you can overlook the whole campsite, untouched nature, the sunset at the Atlantic coast. VICKYWOOD VW Touran roof tents mean unlimited freedom and flexibility: Tour Europe on your summer vacation or start your weekend in nature right after work on Fridays: Your Touran with mounted roof tent is immediately ready for the next micro-adventure or even extended trips.

These are the advantages of the VICKYWOOD roof tents for the VW Touran:

  • Lightweight & Compact: Our Touran roof tents maintain the allowable roof load and preserve your car's driving characteristics when closed. When driving you hardly notice it and also the fuel consumption is hardly affected by it.
  • Cozy space miracle: When set up, there is no longer any question of compactness: A great feeling of space and many windows make the camping feeling in the Touran roof tent perfect.
  • Fast pitching and dismantling: In the rain, dark and cold, do you still have to fiddle around with tent poles and study instructions? You can save yourself that from now on: With a few simple steps and intuitively, the roof tent on the Touran unfolds (almost) by itself and is ready for use in no time.
  • Robust & weatherproof: When it gets really uncomfortable outside, you snuggle under your blanket and enjoy the rain pattering down. VICKYWOOD's VW Touran roof tents are not fair-weather tents: tough, durable materials, a waterproof outer shell and overlapping fabric panels defy rain and storms.
  • Restful night: The cozy roof tent mattress is easy on your back and offers you sleeping comfort like in your bed at home. Mosquito nets in front of the windows keep out bloodsuckers and moths, so you can just leave them open in the summer and enjoy the fresh night air. If you need to get out at night, you can do so while you're half asleep thanks to LED lighting with powerbank operation, shoe pockets at the entrance and the adjustable telescopic ladder.

VW Touran roof tents buy online at VICKYWOOD

Do you also want to become a roof tent nomad? Then order your roof tent for the VW Touran easily online at VICKYWOOD. We are nature fans, camping professionals and experienced roof tenters. After many great nights and small disasters on our car roofs, we decided to develop the optimal roof tent, in which we also like to spend the night. The result is VICKYWOOD: hard-shell roof tents, hybrid roof tents and foldable roof tents as well as the matching accessories for uncomplicated and relaxed roof tent camping on almost any vehicle.

Are you still unsure about which roof tent to choose or do you have questions about the products, the assembly or the ordering process? Check out our FAQs or contact us directly. By chat, email or phone: We look forward to your inquiry.